Reunion News

Sept. 7, 2018 — Great News
So far 109 have registered to come to our 65th Reunion!.

Sept. 6, 2018 — Change in plans for Saturday afternoon
12:30 - 1:00 p.m. meet at the Doubletree Inn. HERE for more information.

Addition to Reunion Plans for Saturday evening, Sept. 8, 6-10 p.m.
Genevieve (Jewett) and hubby Jack Carter have booked for us a small meeting room at the Doubletree Hotel, 2nd and McDonald, right by the west Lawrence I-70 interchange. We can relax and visit with friends and can even bring in food and drinks (or purchase them from hotel). This hotel is the former Lawrence Holidome.


Class News

Have an anniversary, trip, special occasion, photos that you would like to share with the Class of "58? If so, send infromation to Ruth Humphrey at

Future plans

If you have ideas about future plans, reunions, etc., contact Sue Smith Fulcher Pearson ( A new chairman is needed as Sue says this is her last year as chairman. She just wants to ATTEND a reunion!



In Remberance

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Latest Additions

*Linda Sager-Brown

Leatrice Reno

*Rose Cummings Saathoff

Anita Tingle

*Charlotte Mays-Breeden

*Gene Dixon

*Mike Clem

Elmer Hargrove

Fred Zimmerman

*Geri Green

Bill Wigglesworth

*Grace Scollon-Sellers

*Herb Kasold

*LeRoy Brown

*Deborah Berry-Walker

*Kenneth (Skippy) Franks


Cynthia Parker-Hardman


Richard Colbert

Douglas Jennings

Virginia McClelland-Boyd

Nick Tubbs


Max Rife (Teacher)

Geraldine M. 'Gerie' Potts Aiken

Donna Hunsinger-Beebe-Cron

Phil "Pip" Kipp

Lydia Logan-Coleman

Shirley Scott-Kleess

Frank Wiebe


Richard Clark

Douglas Breithaup


Richard Davenport

Jane Dicker Jones

Barbara Dotts-Paul


James Brittain

Ann Dann-Compton


Lowell Craig

Dean Duermeier

Barbara Pippert

Melvin Tornedon

Kharon Transmeier-Hunter


Ann Lathrom-Moles

Gary Pringle

Micky Workman


Shirley Evans

Jerry House


Elizabeth Cronk-Cook


Sylvia Hill-Morrison

Mary Patterson-Drake


Leatrice Lewis-Hamm

Larry Hodgson

Andy Norris


Karen Duffy

Norman Fulcher

Olen Vann

1998 or before

Julie Dennis

Roger Faulkner

Don Ferguson, 1992

Roger Heck

Janice Hess

Larry Hamilton

Wendell Harding

Eldon Hinderliter, 1956

Larry Hodgson

Shermice Howard

Harvey Jackson

Don Jones

Lois Jones

Sheryl Johnson

Dennis Kounin

Carol Kitt

Ernest Logan

Charles Mashburn

Jeanette Mitchell

Mary Jo Mitchell-Jenkins

Nancy Moore, 1978

Fred Moreau

Leslie Nesmith, 1998

Sheila Nichols

Andy Norris

Shirley North

Polly Pierson-Benner, 1996

Claudia Powers

Evelyn Sandefur

Charles Schwegler, 1995

Kharon Transmeier-Hunter

Dalton Vann

Arlene Whaley-McDaniel

Carole Sue Whitebread-Hodges

Patty Wiggins

Justina Wilton

Delmer Woolery


September 7-8, 2018


Sept. 15, 2018 — Our 60th Lawrence High School Class Reunion began Friday evening at Johnnie’s West with a crowd of about 100 greeting each other and renewing friendships.

Saturday morning, several classmates joined Larry Hatfield in a tour of the Allen Fieldhouse and the Rules of Basketball.

Saturday’s barbecue luncheon was not held in Monte and Sue Pearson’s yard as scheduled due to the rainy week preceding the event and the soggy yard. The Doubletree Hotel gladly took us in and even let us use our already-scheduled vendor, Biggs Barbecue. The room looked festive in its red and black tablecloths.

Saturday evening was hosted by Genevieve and Jack Carter at the Doubletree with lots of good food and a nice place to relax around the pool area.

Many classmates are feeling like it would be wise to have another reunion in 2-3 years rather than waiting for 5 years. We are open for suggestions as to what to include but the general concensus was that it be indoors at a hotel rather than try to host the event outside. We had been lucky in the past to have good weather but our walking skills over uneven terrain have diminished somewhat over the years too.

You need to be prepared for the fact that it will cost a lot more than it did this year if we use a hotel or country club for meals.

Ideas are welcome for things you would like to see included and when you would like to have it. Please contact Sue Pearson at


55th reunion

LHS Class of '58



(Click on above photo to view an enlargement of the photo.)

The party began on a warm Friday night, September 13, at The Wheel in Lawrence. Pizza and beer were served all evening long and the event was well attended also by members of the Classes of 1956, 1957 and 1959.

Saturday morning a group visited Allen Fieldhouse to see the “Walk of Fame” and then came out to Eudora to get ready for a lunch catered by Biggs Barbecue (owned by Linda Large’s son, Doug Holladay.)


Cake was presented to us by the band

The north yard was filled with white linen covered tables and white chairs and looked quite festive. Add to that the 92 participants who enjoyed the beautiful day of good food and good conversation. Those who wanted to were able to tour the home of Monte and Sue Pearson and were appreciative of all the improvements made since the last reunion. Monte has been busy! The entire south and west and east sides of the home have been transformed into gardens and provided a nice oasis surrounding the historic Queen Anne home.


Elvis (Bob Lockwood) singing to Dwight Perry

Saturday evening found most classmates in the lounge of the Lawrence Country Club, visiting with each other while the dining room was being prepared for dinner. A delicious buffet was provided, including beef, chicken and salmon, vegetables and dessert. Bob Lockwood was the emcee for the evening, keeping the program moving and when the band started, he was transformed into ELVIS! He did a wonderful job of entertaining throughout the evening. The band, “The Secrets” included Bob and Sharon Lockwood Newell's three sons. A lot of dancing and a few games preceded the presentation by the band of a beautiful sheet cake which said “LHS Class of 1958 Reunion, Lost in the 50’s tonight!!!”

Sunday morning was a brunch attended by about 20 die-hards at the Eldridge House in the Big Six room (remember the Big 6?). Lots more good conversation and good food topped off the weekend. Attendees were from KS, MN, MD, MO, CA, NY, ID, WI, WA, TN, NV and IL.

Sue Pearson “gave notice” that this was her last reunion to be in charge of and needed some volunteers to take over the job. (no one volunteered) What she would like, before “retiring” is to hear from you as to what you want for the future. Do we want to do this again in 2‐3 years instead of waiting for 5 years? What do you want to have included? Keep it the same? Make it less busy? Suggestions for changes? Join with another class to be a combined class reunion? In this day and age of down‐sizing, moving to other facilities, you need to LET SUE KNOW of address changes. Post Offices don’t forward mail for more than one year and you could be “lost in the 50’s” as far as our mailing list is concerned.

If you would like to have a complete list of our classmates addresses and emails, please let me know and I can send via

email. It’s many pages long (and WIDE) so am only planning on sending via email and let you print it out for yourself.

Sue Pearson P.O. Box 506, Eudora, KS 66025, 785 542 3383

Classmates attending the 55th LHS reunion

Mary Arnett-Palmer, Ron Beaman, Jerry Bruns, Dennis Cawley, Joanne Denton-Finley, Jane Dunlap-Cole, Frank Arlen, Barbra Gallegly-Yurachek, Vivian Graber-Norris, Gerry Garrison, John Hadl, Jim Haller, Bob Harper, Larry Hatfield, Stephan Heider, Harold Hickock, Charlie (David) Hixon, Gill Hodge, Virginia Hoecker-Baker, Sarah Houseworth-Peters, Donna Husted-Kilburn, Robert Jerome, Genevieve Jewett-Carter, Barbara Jones-McCrary, Sandra Lee-Zagar, Bill McCauley, Paul Nieder, Janet Parker-Girnius, Monte Pearson, Brenda Penny-Breithaupt, Dwight Perry, Griff Price, Cora Lee Price-Kluge, Dean Radcliffe, David Ragan, Janice Rappard-Klamm, Jeanne Rice-Dean, Janiece Risk-Scribner, Dorothy Roper-Ransom, Nancyelaine Rusk-Anderson, Judy Saunders-Goring, Joe Scribner, Grace Scollen-Sellers, Beverly Shook-Cunningham, Rita Skeet-Neis, Joy Skinner-Carlson,, Bob Smith, Sue Smith-Pearson, Lanny Snodgrass, Ron Stauffer, Ken Toth, Beverly (Mrs. Nicky) Tubbs, Nancy Vandeventer-Cluchey, Nancy Vogel, Sharon Ward-Newell, Melvin Washington, Phyllis Wertzberger-McAdoo and Nancy Winston-Shockley.

See if you can recognize any Class of '58ers

In 1958, Centron Corporation produced a movie about school spirit called "What About School Spirit?". Several members of the Class of 1958 were in the film. HERE to see a video of the film.


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